Turning 65, New To Medicare

New To Medicare

When turning 65, it is very important that you choose to work with an independent agent that represents all of the various insurance companies. It is also important that the agent knows how to help you beyond your open enrollment period. If he or she is constantly chasing those new clients that are turning 65 they aren’t helping you. Things are constantly changing in the insurance world and you need someone who can be there for you for the long haul.

When an agent’s practice is solely dependent upon new seniors turning 65, that agent literally doesn’t know how to handle it when someone needs to make a change down the road and go through underwriting to move to a new company. There are issues that can come up that an experienced agent will not get shaken by. An experienced agent can help when it is needed. This is critical.

An independent agent works for you, not for the insurance companies. We can shop the market independently for the best possible value for your insurance premium dollar.

As you can see on page 100 of the 2016 Medicare and You guidebook from the US Government, all of the Medicare supplement plans are identical, regardless of the company. They all pay the bills exactly the same way for the same amount.

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The only difference is the price that your agent is able to find in the marketplace for you. Sometimes that difference can be to the tune of $1,200 of more per year. And this should be checked for you every year, not just when you turn 65.

You know what happens when you sign up with a Turning 65 only Medicare agent? They’re off next week looking for that next “turning 65” senior. They are nowhere to be found. Your agent is not taking care of you. If you have been on Medicare more than a couple of years, when was the last time you heard from your agent? Things are changing too quickly in Medicare for your agent to leave you out in the cold.

I have been working with seniors turning 65 and all the way up into their late 90’s for over twenty years now. Let me put that experience to work for you now and into the future.

Keith Murray