Medicare Advantage

Considering a Medicare Advantage Plan to save money?

Will a Medicare Advantage really save you money? Consider this – the clients we help are usually on a fixed income when they retire. This means that our senior clients do not like surprises with their health plan or their budget when a significant health event happens.

As you can see, with a Medicare Supplement policy, you have consistent monthly premiums.
With a Medicare Advantage Plan, you could have a big surprise when you need hospital services.

Medicare Advantage budget buster
Avoid the red line that’s possible with Medicare Advantage.
Example includes Part B premium, four-day hospital
stay, outpatient procedure and doctor visits.

Compare Medicare Supplements
to Medicare Advantage Plans:

Concerns of Seniors:Medicare
Restrictive Network of doctors and hospitalsNOYES
Co-Payments to ProvidersNOYES
Up to $6,700 yearly
Out of Pocket Costs
Health Plan Decides What Test and Procedures
Are Approved For You
Can Your Plan
Be Cancelled?

Cannot be canceled as long as premiums
are paid


Plans are approved yearly and can be dropped.

Ability to Travel the Country and Use Any Doctor or HospitalYESNO
Is Pre-Certification Required for some Treatments?NOYES

Penalties apply if pre-cert not done.

MD Anderson Cancer
Treatment Center Included?

MAYO Clinic Included?






Outpatient Services – You Pay 20% of ALL COSTS

That’s right! If you ever need chemotherapy or radiation on a Medicare Advantage plan, you could be facing bills for 20% of the cost. Medicare Advantage plans put the full 20% Part B co-payment over onto your back to carry.

The maximum out of pocket for 2020 is $6,700. That is per year. So if you have cancer treatments that crossover into the new year, guess what – your maximum out of pocket resets to ZERO. Now you have to pay 20% up to $6,700 again.

On a Medicare supplement, or Medigap plan, that 20% is covered by your insurance company.


It Won’t Happen To Me

If a cancer diagnosis can happen to children like my 11-year-old son, it can happen to anyone. Don’t think because you are healthy today you will always have great health. Nobody ever thinks it will happen to them. We hope not. We pray not. But we get insurance coverage to cover the “What-if’s” in life.

We have never had a cancer patient with a Medicare supplement ask us how to move over to a Medicare Advantage plan. Not a single one in my 22 years of doing this. They can go to any doctor, any oncologist, or any hospital or treatment center in the US (unlike so-called “Advantage” HMO plans, which are not accepted at Mayo Clinic or John Hopkins, and MD Anderson Cancer Centers only accepts one plan – Kelsey-Care Medicare Advantage).

But we get calls weekly of people with cancer on Medicare Advantage plans who want to try to get back onto a Medigap plan. That’s because they have seen firsthand how lacking the coverage is compared to original Medicare with a Medicare supplement when something bad happens.


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