Our dedicated phone number for Part D prescription drug plan comparison and enrollment is:


Agent code: 6067

Be sure to give them the agent code 6067 to get a FREE comparison and enrollment service. There is no charge to you at all. They will compare your current prescriptions against every plan on the market in your zip code and make recommendations based on that information.

Two things to remember when shopping drug plans:

  1. You need to compare the total annual out of pocket costs, not premium or deductible. Our agents at the number above will do that for you. You may have found a plan with a low premium or no deductible, but the drugs you are taking may have a very high co-pay on that plan. You need to let them compare ALL the factors – premiums, deductibles (if applicable), and co-pays – from every plan to see what your lowest out of pocket cost is.
  2. You need to compare plans every year. Plans change from year to year. What may be the best plan for you in the past may have had significant changes to their premiums, deductibles, or co-pays. The Part D drug plans can and DO change from year to year.


Keith Murray is an independent agent and the owner of Integrity Senior Solutions Inc. He has over 20 years of experience working with Seniors to meet their insurance and financial needs.


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